Wireless Wall Push Button, 6-channels, flexible (wall) mounting

The 6-channels wireless push buttons actuator has 6 individual switches, that are used for easy and convenient control of connected components. A single push on a button can be assigned with one or more components, which are then addressed all simultaneously. So with just a single button push a number of different actions can be executed.

The device is battery operated and can be mounted almost everywhere in the house. It is mounted and removed easily using screws or adhesive strips. It is compatible with a number of different surfaces including furniture, brick walls, glass, or tiles. Holes or slits do not have to be chiselled out of brick walls.

The frame supplied with the device can be used for wall mounting or can be integrated into existing switching frames of major manufactures (including Berker, Elso, Gira, Jung, and Merten).

Technical Data

Number of buttons
6, each with 2 actions (short press, long press)
Power supply
3 V
2x LR03 / AAA batteries
Battery lifespan
up to 5 years
approx. 86 x 86 x 16.5 mm (H x W x D)