Wireless Smoke Detector

This wireless smoke detector monitors a room for smoke emissions based on the photoelectric scattered light principle. This enables a fire to be detected whilst still in its very early stages and a warning to be given that dangerous smoke gases are present.

The detector raises the alarm by means of an integrated siren, plus a red warning LED and a white LED (emergency lighting in the event of a power failure) that work in parallel. The device wirelessly sends a smoke alarm to all wireless smoke detectors of the same typ which are within the device’s wireless range simultaneously.

This gives people the opportunity to react faster to a fire that may still be some distance away, perhaps on a different floor of the building. Other wireless smoke detectors of this type can be added to the smoke detector to create a system containing up to 40 detectors.

When connected with the qleverGATEWAY the battery and alarm status are displayed in the qleverAPP. Both status information can be used as events for the programming of tasks and so enhance the various possibilities of home automation.

Technical Data

Power supply
4.5 V
3x LR6/Mignon/AA batteries
Protection Rating
approx. 120 x 44 mm (Diameter x H)