Wireless Shutter Contact, optical, for windows and doors

The wireless shutter contact detects open, tilted or closed windows respectively doors and transmits the status information to the qleverGATEWAY. The device is attached either with screws or, alternatively, with adhesive tape. For dark surfaces a reflecting sticker must be attached additionally.

On the qleverAPP the status informaton of all monitored doors and windows are displayed in one icon. So before leaving the house or apartment it can be easily determined where to close windows, if necessary.

In addtion, tasks can be set up with the qleverAPP that uses the three different status information (closed, opened, tilted) for expanding the various possibilities of home automation.

Note: Alternatively, a magnetic wireless shutter contact is available.

Technical Data

Power supply
1.5 V
1x LR03/Micro/AAA battery
Battery lifespan
2  years typically (4 operations per day)
Protection rating
Housing colors
white and brown housings (attachable)
approx. 15 x 100 x 18 mm  (W x H x D)