Wireless Radiator Thermostat

With the Wireless Radiator Thermostat the room temperature is conveniently regulated according to individually tailored heating phases. Therefore, the radiator thermostat directly controls the heat flow of the radiator. This device fits to all common radiator valves and is easy to mount – without having to drain any water or intervene in the heating system.

Temperature can be automatically reduced during ventilation using the integrated open-window detection avoiding unnecessary heating during the ventilation phase. Conversely, the Boost function allows a fast, short-term heating by opening of the valve. The radiated heat immediately provides a pleasant temperature in the room.

By creating tasks (tasks) in the qleverAPP individual automated control of all to the qleverGATEWAY connected wireless radiator thermostat are programmable. Comparable to the automated control of lighting, fans, or outlets the room temperatures in different rooms can be controlled and monitored individually.

The optional wireless wall thermostat allows the direct control of one or more wireless radiator thermostats even without the use of the qleverAPP and increases comfort in controlling the room temperature.

Technical Data

Power supply
3 V
2x LR6/Mignon/AA batteries
Battery lifespan
1.5 years typically
Protection rating
Protection class
Valve connection
M30 x 1.5 mm
approx. 54 x 65 x 93 mm (W x H x D)