The qleverGATEWAY is the centerpiece of the qlever Smart Home Systems. It connects via radio all qlever components with the qleverGATEWAY which then monitors and controls these components.

The users will use their smart phones and / or tablets to connect to the qleverGATEWAY and using the free qleverAPP to monitor and control all qlever components from anywhere. A big advantage are the features of the qleverAPP to setup tasks and scenes that will start multiple processes for a perfect house automatisation.

Tasks are scripts that will perform one or more actions when a certain event occurs. E.g. if the room temperature exceeds a treshold it will switch on a ventilator. Scenes are scripts that will perform one or more actions when the user clicks the scene icon on its mobile device screen. For example a scene “Cinema” will dimm the lights in the living room and sutting down the shutters. The possibilities with tasks and scripts are endless and fits to every individual needs.

The qleverGATEWAY also supports the qleverPROTOCOL that establishes a secure connection to the qleverADAPTER. This component mainly is used for opening house doors as well as for the motorized opening and closing of windows.