The systeQ wireless qleverADAPTER connects wireless systeQ components to the qleverGATEWAY and though integrates them into the qlever Smart Home System. This means, door and window automation at home now is integrated into the same qleverAPP and enhances the possibilites for automated scenes and tasks as well as increasing the comfort and safety level at home.

The qleverADAPTER has two inputs and two outputs. It monitors the status of doors or windows (open or really closed) and it handles commands for 12V or 24V drives to open or close these doors or windows.

systeQ Components

systeQ Product Example with qleverADAPTERsysteQ components are offered exclusively by esco Metallbaussysteme GmbH to professionals. Please visit the esco website for more information.

The image shows an example of a systeQ motorised lock with an electric opener and a door drive that are integrated into the qlever Smart Home System by the qleverADAPTER. Now these systeQ components can be controlled by the qleverAPP as well.

Technical Data

12 V DC / 24 V DC
max. rupturing capacity
4 A
2 Inputs for floating contacts
e.g. opening surveillance, lock monitoring, bolt switch contact
2 Outputs as potential-free switch
e.g. for window drives 24 V, motorised locks, electric openers, door drives
Data Link
wireless via encrypted wireless connection to the qleverGATEWAY