General Questions

What is qlever?

qlever is an all-in-one app Smart Home System at a very affortable price.


How much is the qleverAPP?

The qleverAPP is free. You can download it from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store for free. You may also use the demo mode for getting an impression how the app works and how easy is the usage.

Where to download the qleverAPP?

The qleverAPP is available at the Google Play Store for Android smart phones and tablets as well as at the Apple App Store for the iOS products iPhone and iPad.


How to configure the qleverGATEWAY?

All settings can be set via the ConfigTool.

The ConfigTool is available for Windows and Mac and it is available at the following link to download:

qlever Products and Components

Where to buy qlever products?

qlever products are available exclusively at authorized qlever dealers, which are mainly local window and door manufactures. See dealer directory here.