qleverAPP – One App for All

The qleverAPP shows clearly the status of all qlever smart home components and allows to control actuators individually or within task lists and to program automated processes called scenes.

Decorated in a modern tile optics with big symbols, this app is very easy to use. Each icon represents a qlever smart home component which is either a sensor or an actuator. Within each icon always the status of the component is being displayed, e.g. the status of whether a window that is either opened or closed, the actual temperature of the heating and its setpoint, or whether the light is on, off, or possibly dimmed. When tapping the icon of an actuator, a switch box opens, and the user can then assign the actuator to a new state. So for example, the room temperature can be set higher or lower, or lights can be turn on or off.

Group Overview & Room Overview

qleverAPP Overview

All qlever components used within the qlever Smart Home System are assigned to in thematic groups. Thus, one can see immediately within a group whether everything is fine or not, for example within the socket outlet group, or the doors and windows group.

For example, if you are going to leave the house, you can see at a glance whether there are outlets in operation or windows are still open. By tapping on the group icon you will immediately see which component in which room is not accurate and you can decide whether you want to turn the power socket on or off, and whether your window can remain open. So within a few seconds safety and comfort are ensured.

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The qleverAPP has a demo mode for testing the app even without a qleverGATEWAY or qlever smart home components.

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