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The qlever Smart Home System is the smart way to set up an intelligent networked home or apartment. The system is characterized by low-cost components that are wirelessly connected to the control center, the qleverGATEWAY. Via the free qleverAPP residents monitor and control the system over any amount of smart phones or tablets.

qlever smart home house overview

The illustration shows various qlever components that transform a conventional house into an intelligent and automated home – a so-called Smart Home. The always required core component is the qleverGATEWAY, the black box in the bottom left corner of the illustration that usually is situated right next to the existing wireless router.

The qleverApp – One App For All

The qleverAPP - control all with one single app only

For the control of the components and the clear presentation smart phones and / or tablets are used, specifically iPhone, iPad or devices with the Android system. The qleverAPP is available for free in the respective app stores and can be installed on any number of devices. Once the qlever Smart Home is set up, the configuration is transmitted to all desired smart phones and tablets. So all family members (and no others) can access the qleverGATEWAY to monitor and controll the connected qlever components. If desired they can be controlled even over a secure Internet connections from anywhere.

First security, then comfort and efficiency

First Security, then Comfort and Efficiency

The qlever Smart Home System has been especially designed for the safety at windows and doors, with its key components qleverADAPTER and qleverPROTOCOL. These components together monitor and control the allowed access as well opening and closing of windows. In case of a burglary attempt the qleverGATEWAY initiates immediately alarm and sends messages to residents. In planning is the additional option of displaying such alerts as push messages on smart phones and tablets using the qleverAPP.

qlever Smart Home offers more


A Smart Home offers its residents, depending on the level and amount of installed components

Usage Examples for qlever Smart Home System

{:en}Upon exiting automatic shutdown of lights and sockets{:}{:de}Beim Verlassen automatisches Ausschalten von Lichtern und Steckdosen{:}{:nl}Bij verlaten van woning automatisch uitschakelen van lichten en stopcontacten{:}{:en}Automation Example{:}{:de}Beispiel für Automatisierung{:},
{:en}Upon entering automatic switching on lights in the hallway and living room{:}{:de}Beim Eintritt automatisches Einschalten von Lichtern im Flur und Wohnraum{:}{:nl}Bij binnenkomst automatisch inschakelen van lichten in de gang en leefruimte{:}{:en}Automation Example{:}{:de}Beispiel für Automatisierung{:},
{:en}Extension and retraction of the blinds depending on room temperature and when it rains{:}{:de}Aus- und Einfahren der Jalousien in Abhängigkeit von Raumtemperatur sowie bei Regen{:}{:nl}Open- en dichtzetten van jaloezieën afhankelijk van de kamertemperatuur of bij regen.{:}{:en}Automation Example{:}{:de}Beispiel für Automatisierung{:},
{:en}Go up and down the shutters depending on sunrise and sunset{:}{:de}Rauf- und runterfahren der Rollläden in Abhängigkeit von Sonnenauf- und Sonnenuntergang{:}{:nl}Op- en neerlaten van het rolluik afhankelijk van zonsopgang en zonsneergang{:}{:en}Automation Example{:}{:de}Beispiel für Automatisierung{:},
{:en}An advice for taking precaution of bulgary attempts{:}{:de}Hinweise um Einbruchsversuche abzuwenden{:}{:nl}Bijvoorbeeld om een inbraakpoging te voorkomen{:}Website of K-einbruch.dek-einbruch.de, 2015
{:en}In Germany every 10 minutes an attampt of bulgary in households.{:}{:de}In Deutschland wird alle 10 Minuten ein Einbruchversuch verübt.{:}{:nl}In Duitsland wordt iedere 10 minuten een inbraakpoging gedaan.{:}Crime Statistics ReportCity of Cologne, 2012

Examples of remote control of a Smart Home via smart phones from anywhere
  • Control heating / room temperature
  • Control lights and electrical outlets
  • Information on smoke detector alarm or attempted break-in windows and doors
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